2001: A Space Odyssey


2001: A Space Odyssey

Monday 5 December 2022 | 7:00 pm


After discovering a mysterious artifact buried beneath the Lunar surface, mankind sets off on a quest to find its origins with help from intelligent supercomputer H.A.L. 9000.

This film was chosen by our audiences as part of the Your Film cinema programme. Each month we invite you to nominate a film you would like us to screen in our cinema. The two films with the most nominations are then put to the public vote to decide which film makes it onto our cinema screen. More info on Your Film is available here

Ticket prices:

Standard £8.00 Concessions £7.00 Students £5.00 14 & Under £5.00

Certificate: U

Length: 149 minutes

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Cast: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood

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Dates and times

Monday 5 December 2022 | 7:00 pm