A Greyhound Of A Girl (Relaxed)


A Greyhound Of A Girl (Relaxed)

Saturday 20 July 2024


A Greyhound Of A Girl follows eleven-year-old Mary who has an insatiable passion for cooking, and dreams of become a great chef.

Her grandmother Emer, with whom she has a very special relationship, encourages her to make this dream come true.

But every path has its obstacles and facing them turns into quite an adventure.

In A Greyhound Of A Girl, a delicate coming-of-age story, filled with joy & laughter, we join four generations of women as they head off on a glorious journey together.

One that takes them down memory lane and gives them the opportunity to learn about each other, truly & deeply.


‘It’s a tender film that will leave only the chilliest heart unwarmed.’

The Guardian ★★★★☆

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Certificate: U

Length: 100 minutes

Director: Enzo D'Alò

Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Infussi D'Amico and Maricla Affatato

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Dates and times

Saturday 20 July 2024 | 11:00 am

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