EA Sustain – Day 2


EA Sustain – Day 2

Sunday 15 January 2023 | 10:00 am - 7:00 pm


EA Sustain is a new festival about Environment, Culture and Entrepreneurship that seeks to build capacity and knowledge about sustainability by presenting top leaders and thinkers in environmentalism, sustainable entrepreneurship and Art x Environment.

The line-up includes Lord Deben, Chair of the UK’s Climate Change Committee, Tony Juniper, Chair of Natural England, Patrick Holden, Co-Founder of Sustainable Food Trust, acclaimed nature writer Helen Macdonald, Charles Clover, author and Co-founder of Blue Marine Foundation, John Cherry, founder of Groundswell and Jake Fiennes, author and director of Holkham Nature Reserve.

Day 2 will cover sustainable food, agriculture, farming and marine conservation, and the world’s only carbon-negative nation, Bhutan.

Find out more about Day 1 here

To learn more and purchase tickets, visit www.easustain.com


Day 2 Programme

10 – 10:50 am: Rewilding, a Primer

Speaker: Professor Alastair Driver. £12

One of the nation’s most prominent and influential advocates of rewilding unpacks the subject for us and separates facts from fads: What is rewilding? Where did it come from? What are its benefits in terms of both biodiversity and carbon sequestration? How well understood and tested is it? What are the minimum conditions needed for success? How does rewilding tie into national agricultural policy? What’s the state of play on the ground at present?


11 – 11:50 am: Rethinking Education from the Ground Up

Speakers: Tim Oates, Sass Brown & John Gordon. £12

To make sustainability and conservation second-nature, education at all levels and ages requires wholesale transformation. In this panel discussion, teachers and education experts share their experiences and proposals for changing curriculums, attitudes and teaching.


12 – 12:50 pm: Sea Change

Speaker: Charles Clover. £12

In his first book, End of the Line, Charles Clover delivered a disturbing wake-up call, describing the systematic decimation of fish species favoured for human consumption due to a combination of politics, corruption, food culture and misplaced science. Luckily, his new book Rewilding the Sea proposes solutions to reverse the ravages of commercial fishing. The answer is in the title of the book and what’s more, it has the powerful side benefit of sequestering carbon.


1 – 1:50 pm: Marketing for Farmers

Speakers: Jonny Crickmore & William Kendall. FREE

Creating unique, value-added consumer products and services is one of the the best ways for farmers to escape the commoditisation trap that defines so much of industrial agriculture. Two expert farmers from East Anglia who have built great brands share their knowhow and advice on what it takes to create great food products and memorable brands.

This event is supported by Groundswell Agriculture and Sutton Hoo Chicken.


2 – 3 pm: Farming in East Anglia – Where do we go from here?

Speakers: Sarah Langford, Josiah Meldrum and Jake Fiennes. £12

A panel discussion about agriculture, farming and culture in the region where we live.

This event is supported by Groundswell Agriculture.


3:10 – 4 pm: Helen Macdonald in conversation with William Sieghart

Speakers: Helen Macdonald & William Sieghart. £12

William interviews Helen about what it is about birds that moves her, how birds are a canary in the coal mine of climate change and the important role of nature writing in awakening our environmental consciousness.


4:10 – 5:10 pm: Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Speakers: Tom Barton & Josiah Meldrum. £12

These days, “sustainability” is a ubiquitous watchword on every corporate website but which companies are really putting their money where their mouth is? In this discussion, founders of two companies that have reconfigured their business models to make them truly sustainable share their entrepreneurial visions, war stories and triumphs.

This event is supported by Anglia Capital.


5:20 – 6 pm: A Story of Seaweed

Speaker: James Moore. £10

Unbeknownst to the average consumer, seaweed can help us transition to more sustainable agricultural and food systems, in addition to sequestering carbon. One of the investors spearheading its commercial development explains the history, science and research behind seaweed’s manifold applications — as a biostimulant, nutritional supplement and human foodstuff.


6:10 – 7 pm: Bhutan, Land of Hope

Speakers: Farmer Sangay & John Pawsey, £12

Choosing to farm as his mode of transforming self, society and economy, Farmer Sangay is a forerunner of Bhutan’s unique brand of sustainability and exemplifies a national identity that has Gross National Happiness (GNH) as its pole star. In his conversation with Suffolk farmer John Pawsey, Farmer Sangay will discuss the nation’s challenges and opportunities including food security, land use and the role of heritage, GNH and shared values as guiding principles of its future development.


To purchase tickets, visit www.easustain.com


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Sunday 15 January 2023 | 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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