Electric Malady (Captioned)


Electric Malady (Captioned)

Sunday 2 April 2023 | 5:15 pm

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This screening will be shown with the addition of captions throughout the film. A hearing loop is also available in the Cinema.


Artist and filmmaker Marie Lidén invites audiences into the isolated world of William, a young man who’s spent a decade reluctantly retreating from modern life.

A one-time master’s student and aspiring musician, his adverse reaction to the radioactive byproduct of our interconnected digital age has led him to a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness where he’s cut himself off from most forms of technology.

But how do you get off the grid when the grid is now everywhere?

Hidden in a foil-encased bedroom, beneath layers of copper-lined fabric, William speaks openly to Lidén about suffering from the condition known as electrosensitivity.

Shot partly with a hand-cranked Bolex camera, what emerges is a lyrical and empathetic portrait of loneliness and isolation — and a loving family’s efforts to save their son’s life.

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Ticket prices:

Standard £8.00 Concessions £7.00 Members £6.50 Students £5.00 14 & Under £5.00

Certificate: 12A

Length: 96 minutes

Director: Marie Lidén

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Dates and times

Sunday 2 April 2023 | 5:15 pm

Tuesday 4 April 2023 | 7:00 pm

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