RSC Live: Timon of Athens


RSC Live: Timon of Athens

Wednesday 20 November 2019 | 7:00 pm

Firstsite Cinema

In a world driven by greed, what do we truly value? Timon has it all – money, influence, friends. But when the money runs out, Timon soon finds her influence and friends have also gone.

Left alone, she flees Athens to take refuge in the woods, cursing the city she once loved. Featuring a “searing central performance” (Guardian) from award-winning actor, Kathryn Hunter, Timon of Athens is a glittering and biting satire on whether money truly buys happiness.

“A searing central performance flips the gender dynamics as Shakespeare’s study of greed gets a ravishing revival” – The Guardian

“Gender-switched production has wry, dry humour but it’s not enough to go on” – Standard

“It’s the titanic turn from Kathryn Hunter as Lady Timon that brings you round in one of Shakespeare’s least popular plays” – The Times

Ticket prices:

Members £13.00 Concession £14.50 Standard £16.00

Certificate: 15

Length: 155 mins

Director: TBC

Cast: Kathryn Hunter

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Dates and times

Wednesday 20 November 2019 : 7:00 pm