The Royal Opera: The Marriage of Figaro


The Royal Opera: The Marriage of Figaro

Sunday 15 September 2024


The Royal Ballet and Opera: The Marriage of Figaro invites you to join the Almaviva household for an uproarious day of revelation and scandal.

Count Almaviva lives with his Countess on their estate near Seville. The Count has his eye on his wife’s maid Susanna, who is about to marry the Count’s servant, Figaro.

Much to Figaro’s dismay, the Count plans to seduce Susanna on the night of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Cherubino, the Count’s young page, has a crush on the Countess, but has just been dismissed after being discovered with Barbarina, the gardener Antonio’s daughter.

Figaro decides he must foil the Count’s attempt to seduce his wife-to-be and enlists the help of the Countess, Susanna and Cherubino – the latter disguising himself as a woman.

A series of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and thwarted plans ensue, with all members of the household participating as each tries to get what – and who – they want in The Royal Ballet and Opera: The Marriage of Figaro.

‘David McVicar’s elegant production strikes a perfect balance between the high seriousness and slapstick comedy of this brilliant work’ The I ★★★★★

Ticket prices:

Standard £20.50 Concessions £18.50

Certificate: TBC

Length: 255 minutes

Director: David McVicar

Cast: Luca Micheletti, Ying Fang, Huw Montague Rendall and Jacquelyn Stucker

Language: Italian with English subtitles

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Dates and times

Sunday 15 September 2024 | 2:00 pm

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