Essex artist Gee Vaucher’s 50 year career retrospective’Introspection’ opened strongly in 2016 with ‘Oh America, a piece by Vaucher showing the Statue of Liberty in tears, used by news organisations all over the world in their coverage of the US presidential elections.


Whilst the exhibition may act as a timely critique of the status quo, the work shown covers a much longer timeframe and charts Vaucher’s journey from local activity to international ambition, from domestic concerns to world politics, and from healing the planet to healing the mind. It’s a show packed with interest, from cult fanzines of the 1960s to activist work associated with her work with the anarcho-punk band Crass, and is filled with work, rewarding repeat viewings.


A full schedule of supporting events means there are fun ways for everyone in the family to get involved and learn.


For family groups we have Community Collage: Make your own family inspired collages. This free, self-led, drop-in activity runs all day (10am-5pm), every day throughout the duration of the exhibition. We provide the materials, you just need to bring your imagination.


Dive deeper into the exhibition every Wednesday and Saturday at 1.30pm with free guided tours of the exhibition from a member of our team. Drop by, there’s no need to book.


During January and February we have a programme of performances and film screenings that perfectly complement a viewing of ‘Introspection’.


On Monday 13th January 2017 at 7pm Gee’s creative partner Penny Rimbaud performs ‘The Pity of War’ in which he will recite the war poems of Wilfred Owen, accompanied by Kate Short on cello and Liam Noble on piano, with visuals by Gee Vaucher. Book here:


Throughout January and February the scene that Vaucher built around her in the late 70s and early 80s is on show in screenings of films made about Crass, the anarcho-pacifist band for whom Vaucher created groundbreaking graphic art. On Thursday 26th January 7.30PM we will be showing Christ – The Movie, A collection of Crass films (1978 – 1984) by Mick Duffield Christ the Movie is made up of three films, ‘Autopsy’, ‘Choosing Death’ and ‘Yes Sir, I Will’ (Crass). The films will be preceded by a screening of Tea Piece, also by Mick Duffield. More info:


And then on Friday 10th February 7.30PM we have a selection of films (from 1978-1984) made by Vaucher herself. More info:


Gee Vaucher’s exhibition Introspection runs until 19th February 2017 and is Free.