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Evan Ifekoya: ‘Ritual Without Belief’ (2018) – extract 11th June 2020


#Tellmethestory Arts Council Collection

Evan Ifekoya, ‘Ritual Without Belief’ (2018) sound piece (extract). Copyright the artist.

This artwork was chosen by women of Colchester to feature in Firstsite’s Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme Exhibition, ‘Tell me the story of all these things’.

Evan Ifekoya is an interdisciplinary artist who was born in Iperu, Nigeru in 1988 and now lives and works in London. 

Their first solo exhibition was held at London’s Gasworks gallery in 2018 and responded to the question, “What would it mean to start from a place of abundance—rather than scarcity?” 

The photographs and sound piece which comprise ‘Ritual Without Belief’ are a collaboration between the artist and friends and family, celebrating the intersections that connect them to one another. 

The work centres around the notion of polyvocality, an ode to the many subjectivities that reside in any single subject or identity. This multiplicity diversifies perception and experience, denying any sense of homogeneity, a phenomenon that Ifekoya celebrates through their illusory audio. Echo chambers accommodate the myriad of narratives curated out of the artist’s own voice, guiding the viewer through a soundscape of emphatic exhales and repeating affirmations.

Ritual Without Belief asserts beauty and importance in the vernacular
routines that punctuate and animate our daily lives.
Here, sound pays homage to the natural cycles that are ritualistic in the artist’s world and our own.

 In consecrating the small moments and pauses which often go unnoticed, Ifekoya draws our attention to an abundance which characterises our daily lives, moving away from the scarcity that often dominates. Ritual without belief is an exercise in mindfulness, tasking the viewer and the artist to realise value through heightened awareness.