Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines + Q&A

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Belonging: The Truth Behind The Headlines (12A)
followed by Q and A with the director Morag Livingstone and trade union activist David Condliffe.

A feature documentary that re-examines events surrounding 3 industrial disputes, 3 successive governments, the police and the Murdoch purchase of the Times and the Sunday Times. The film exposes the impacts of government and corporate power that attack ordinary people and collectivism: undermining democracy and our human rights.

Music for the film was written by Mick Penkethmand and sung by Paul Dawson, both former posties and part of the Burslem 12 in the Royal Mail dispute that is covered in the film.

Morag Livingstone, the Director of Belonging: The Truth Behind The Headlines says ‘Young people are shocked that they don’t know this part of our recent history’.

‘We’ve always ‎known it – this film shows it’s true! Governments, press and, yes, the police gang up against the interests of the people. New evidence is here on the screen Make sure you see this film.’ – Ken Loach

Organised by the Trades Union Council.