illoomiloonies presents ELEMENTS

A live fire performance

£5 standard, £16 family (2 adults, 2 children) in advance
£6 standard/£20 family on door

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The Lord of Darkness – keeper of the light – awakens from a restless slumber. Witness him bring together the ELEMENTS, in an attempt to set himself free. A tale of Earth, Metal, Air, Water and Fire – told through fire and flow!

Colchester based fire performance troupe illoomiloonies combine flow arts, fire and circus, using a plethora of props, music and light to create a unique sensory experience. Their crew has been developed with the significance of community at heart, firmly believing that being a part of a small, localised community is fundamental to individual well-being. They facilitate the sharing of skills, ideas, emotion, values and stories to create empathy – with one another and with audiences.

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There is also a free Winter Gathering celebration hosted by illoomiloonies earlier the same day. Find out more