Back in the USSR again with Nash Albert

presented by Colchester Trades Union Council

Nash, Noshrevan Tavkhelidze, after receiving and listening to a smuggled in copy of a Beatles album in the old USSR bought a guitar formed Blast, had some hits and played with Blur, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, and Muse.

Nash is returning to Colchester to play his music and talk about life in the USSR and Russia since the 1989 revolution.

With musical support from musician Luke Fisher, plus don’t miss your chance to win in a raffle for a bottle of the finest Russian vodka Nash will be bringing with him from Russia.

Noshrevan Tavkhelidze aka Nash Albert was born in 1967 in Moscow of Georgian parents and is the son of the late renowned scientist Albert Tavkhelidze, former president of the Georgian Academy of Science and Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and also the godson of Yevgeny Primakov a Russian politician and diplomat who served as the first Prime Minister of Russia from 1998 to 1990 also as Foreign Minister, Speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, and chief of the intelligence service.

Rather than following his father and sister into science Nash, after receiving and listening to a smuggled in copy of a Beatles album to the USSR at the end of the 70s, decided music was going to be his future. He bought a guitar and promtply learnt how to play it. In the mid 1990s Nash formed an english singing indie rock band called Blast and became its frontman and main singer. In 1999 Blast signed to a UK independent record label and recorded numerous albums which brought in success through sales and a couple of hit singles in Russia. Blast toured in the UK including support slots for Blur, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes and Muse, and for several years Blast were the biggest band in Moscow. In 2014 Nash decided to go solo and after meeting Alan McGee former manager of Oasis in Liverpool was introduced to Ian McNabb, founder and frontman of 1980s band The Icicle Works who co-produced Nash’s first album in 2015.

Hosted by Colchester Trades Union Council.