Online Artwork Policy and Terms & Conditions

Firstsite welcomes everyone to take part in The Great Big Art Exhibition and to be able to share images of their artwork on our website.

Firstsite reserves the right not to upload art works submitted for The Great Big Art Exhibition onto our website, and to remove art works at any time without notice to the artist.

We may not permit an artwork on our website, Facebook or Instagram page if it is sexually explicit, violent in nature, incites racism, sexism or any form of discrimination or incites radicalisation, or extreme religious beliefs. To safeguard children, we will not permit artwork that identifies an individual child.

We prefer images of just the artwork, but we will accept images that include a child holding their artwork. Please do not provide the child’s full name or address. Please provide first name, town, or school only.

This list is not exhaustive.


Terms and conditions

By submitting your Artwork to The Great Big Art Exhibition you irrevocably and unconditionally agree that Firstsite (and third parties authorised by us):


  • may use your Artworks as part of The Great Big Art Exhibition and in any way we see fit in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity without further liability or acknowledgement to you (and you hereby give us all necessary consents and waivers, (including waivers or moral rights) for such purposes);
  • may identify you by name, your social media name and use these and the Artworks that you submit for publicity, marketing and advertising for The Great Big Art Exhibition and other connected material as we so elect;
  • shall be entitled to edit, crop, and adapt your Artwork in any way in our sole discretion; • shall be entitled to display the Artwork via any medium as part of an Exhibition at Firstsite and other chosen locations at our discretion in connection with The Great Big Art Exhibition;
  • shall be entitled to use an image of the Artwork, or part of the Artwork to promote and publicise The Great Big Art Exhibition, including future presentations of The Great Big Art Exhibition at Firstsite and other chosen locations at our discretion;
  • The copyright of the Artwork remains with you but Firstsite will have the right to use it in perpetuity throughout the world.

You must comply with the following:

  • You confirm that to the best of your knowledge and belief you own and control all the rights in and to the Artwork;
  • You must not include any third party material in your Artwork unless you have obtained permission from the rights holder for it to be included and for it to be used as set out in these terms;
  • You must not include anything defamatory, illegal, infringing, hateful, obscene or offensive in your Artwork;
  • Submitting your artwork to The Great Big Art Exhibition does not guarantee that your Artwork will be featured and/or be included within The Great Big Art Exhibition;
  • If you are under 13 you will need a parent/guardian to submit your artwork via social media.
  • If you include any children in your Artwork you must have parental/ legal guardian permission to do this;

Firstsite is registered as a data processor in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will process your personal data, such as your name, contact details, age etc (including any Special Categories personal data such as your political opinion or religious belief) which may be expressed on your Artwork) in accordance with these terms, our privacy policy ( and the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation.

You acknowledge and agree that neither we nor any of our assignees or licensees shall have any liability to you for any loss or damage arising out of the use of your Artwork in accordance with these terms to the extent permitted under applicable law.

You agree that our rights under these terms may be freely licensed and/or assigned by us.

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English and Welsh law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.