Libertine will perform Room of Worlds, a chamber opera for live voices, electronics and video. Loosely based on Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper, the score was derived by her collaborative partner Charles Webber based on William Morris designs.

About The Artist

Eve Libertine is a British singer.


She was one of the two female vocalists (along with Joy De Vivre) who worked with the influential British anarcho-punk band Crass. Her works with the band include the controversial single “Reality Asylum”, as well as performing most of the vocals on the group’s third album, Penis Envy (1981), the lyrics of which have a heavy anarcha-feminist content.[2]


After the dissolution of Crass in 1984, Libertine worked with her guitarist son Nemo Jones. She also trained as a classical singer, and has performed as part of Crass Agenda (renamed Last Amendment as of 2005) along with Penny Rimbaud, Matt Black (of Coldcut), Christine Tobin, Julian Siegel, Ingrid Laubrock, Nabil Shaban, Kate Shortt and others.


Libertine held her first exhibition of artwork, entitled Head On, at the 96 Gillespie gallery, Finsbury Park, London in September 2005.[3] She has designed album sleeves for releases by Christine Tobin and Partisans. Bracketpress publications has also released a limited edition set of cards featuring Libertine’s artwork in order to raise funds for Butterfield Green Community Orchard in north London.


June 2010 saw the world premiere in Brussels of Listen, Little Man! a new work by Libertine and electronic artist Mark Webber. Drawing on the writings and research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, it is a semi-improvised performance for voice and signal generators with a back projected, scrolling graphic score.
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