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The Singh Twins: Slaves of Fashion exhibition activities

Exhibitions: Children & Families: FREE

(No booking required)

The Singh Twins: Slaves of Fashion exhibition activities

Saturday 7 May - Sunday 11 September 2022

Enjoy free participatory art activities as part of the current exhibition, The Singh Twins: Slaves of Fashion. 


Lightbox activity

The Singh Twins make their lightbox artworks by moving images around on a computer. They think carefully about where the different pieces will go and the story it will tell.

Move the pieces around on the lightbox to make your own Singh Twins artwork. Think about what the pieces might mean when you are putting them together. Take a picture of your creation and share it with us:


Postcard activity

The Singh Twins make artwork about their mixed, multiple identities. They are British artists, born in London and raised in Liverpool, and have Indian and Sikh heritage, which they reference in their artworks. They are also identical twins who work as artists under a collective name.

This activity is about your identity – who are you? Draw yourself in the middle and around the outside draw things that make you who you are. When you have finished, put your miniature drawing on the wall.

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10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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