Play It Again: The art of remaking

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Play It Again: The art of remaking


Saturday 30 June - Sunday 09 September 2018


‘Play It Again: The art of remaking’ features ‘remade’ objects, events and films, produced by artists and the public. The exhibition showcases how history, contemporary culture and our own everyday experiences inspire repetition, remaking and reenactment in different forms.

It includes the work of contemporary artists Heather Agyepong, Laura Eldret, Michel François and Guillaume Désanges, Sofia Hultén, Hetain Patel, David Sherry, Allison Smith and Gillian Wearing. Also on display will be Star Wars Uncut, a project that was produced through ‘crowdsourcing’ material from members of the public, and historic reproductions made by Peter Shorer.

Alongside live action role-play, re-enactment has traditionally focused on immersion into history, enabling an individual to experience a past era, event or lifestyle. ‘Play It Again’ engages with artists, makers and fans to explore how this enthusiasm transfers into art and popular culture.

Exhibition events

Every day at 3pm in the Play It Again exhibition space

As part of ‘Play It Again’, Firstsite will be hosting a brand new performance conceived by Glasgow-based artist David Sherry.

The work is called ‘Toasting’ (2018), and is a reenactment of a person that David witnessed holding a piece of bread in her mouth in public.

“One morning I was walking along the street to my studio and I noticed a woman at the bus stop scrolling through her mobile with a square of toast in her mouth. She was unaware of anything or the fact that she was holding toast in her mouth in public. I looked at this scene from across the street for some minutes, it looked like a performance.” – David Sherry

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