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What’s the problem? A YAK & flyingleaps exhibition

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What’s the problem? A YAK & flyingleaps exhibition


Saturday 5 October 2019 - Sunday 12 January 2020 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Climate change, politics, rights, capitalism and health – these are the pressing issues facing young people today, according to Young Art Kommunity (YAK), Firstsite’s young people peer-led group which organises events and activities within the gallery and the wider community.

They’ve teamed up with ‘flyingleaps’, a project that invites artists to produce work in response to contemporary events and ideas, to produce the new exhibition What’s the problem?. Comprising a series of posters, each work responds to members’ personal concerns, bringing themes and ideas into stark focus with high impact designs incorporating text, image and colour.

The artwork has been produced through a series of workshops with flyingleaps artists Mark Titchner, Heath Kane and Dr. D, and founder Adrian Burnham, using Firstsite’s Year of Digital theme as inspiration.

Y.A.K meet weekly during term time, and their sessions are open to everyone ages 15 – 25.
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