YAK: Zero Contract: Zero Contact

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YAK: Zero Contract: Zero Contact


Saturday 04 November 2023 - Sunday 26 November 2023


In association with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Exploring the Hidden Costs of Convenience

Have you ever considered the real cost of convenience?  Zero Contract Zero Contact explores the issues and risks affecting young people working in Colchester’s ‘gig economy’ – in particular, the food delivery industry.

Co-curated and developed between YAK, Firstsite’s Young Art Kommunity and Firstsite Programme staff members, the exhibition highlights the inherent risks associated with young riders using two-wheeled transport to make fast food deliveries, in terms of increased road safety concerns.

The exhibition also encourages us to question whether company uniforms and crash helmets can lead to a form of ‘othering,’ causing drivers to view more vulnerable road users as something other than fellow human beings.

The collection of artworks includes motorcycle helmets featuring a wide array of eye-catching designs. These designs range from fun and fast-food-related themes to creative interpretations inspired by Chinese comics. The helmets are displayed on coloured plinths, which themselves echo familiar traffic signals and urban fixtures, such as traffic lights.

Each helmet is a unique expression of ideas and thoughts related to road safety and labor markets for young people. This collaboration is part of Essex Fire & Road Safety’s campaign, aligned with recent research on the gig economy.

Beyond the visual elements, the exhibition also delves into the ecology of digital interfaces and our increasing reliance on them. It explores human dependence, social interactions, and consumerism. We’ve employed Artificial Intelligence software (AI) to create thought-provoking scenes, including digitally printed fabrics and photographs. These compositions critique the digital labour market and consumerism in the modern age.


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Welcome area at Firstsite. 'Big Hello' (2018) Peter Liversidge. Photo by Jayne Lloyd.

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