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Celebrating 10 years of our building

Over the next year we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary our spectacular crescent-shaped building with lots of exciting projects and commissions.

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Connection through creativity

Scroll down to discover just a few of the ways we have continued to provide inspiration and connection for our communities during these extraordinarily challenging times.

Art is where the home is

Free activity packs featuring over fifty artists that have been downloaded by over 92,00 households – giving people something amazing to do at home.We partnered with neighbouring charity Community 360 who distributed welfare packs to vulnerable people.

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Support for shielded communities

Community 360 distribute welfare packs

We partnered with neighbouring charity Community 360 who distributed welfare packs to vulnerable people.

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We stand with you

Elsa James, WE STAND WITH YOU, 2020. Copyright the artist

A specially commissioned artwork by Elsa James for everyone to download and display in solidarity of Black Lives Matter.

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Super Black Festival

Photographer Vanley Burke sitting in his living room

We moved our Super Black Festival online, releasing a series of videos that celebrate black culture in Essex.

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Bringing art into people's homes

artworks installed in the exhibition 'My name is not refugee' at Firstsite gallery Colchester

We invited visitors online to explore our exhibitions online, which included a 360 walkthrough of our Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme exhibition, ‘My Name is Not refugee’ – curated by clients of Refugee Action Colchester.

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Holiday Fun

We provided over 3,500 free meals and sports activities to families in need of additional support during the school holidays.

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The Great Big Art Exhibition

Rows of digital screens showing artworks along a colourful wall.

While the doors to our museums and galleries were closed, we invited the public to make their own artworks and use their front windows, gardens, balconies and outdoor spaces to share what they made with others.

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Helping our communities heal

Our exhibition ‘Art for Life’ was commissioned by the NHS and made with key workers to help understand the impact of COVID-19 on mental health – inviting everyone to feel connected through art, creativity and shared experiences.

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Can you help us do more?

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