What Participants Say?

“The curation of the festival gave a real interdisciplinary arts experience, where each art form and activity seemed to belong, merge and give each other energy. The name, Here for Now, came about in a marvellous marketing workshop hosted by local arts producer Steve Goatman.


The commissioned artists Sian Fan, Iris Dina Gunnarsdottir, Ming, Sirena Hart, Ross Flight, as well as the performers from YAK Angel Joy, Ingrid Kapovic and Alex M were all fantastic and really brought colour and fun to the festival.


Such a fun day, and sincere thanks & gratitude to Beth Hull, Michael Kitchin, Anna Smith and the team at Firstsite who held the organisation so gracefully.”

Hanna Gillgren Co-artistic director of H2DANCE and co -curator of Fest en Fest


“HERE FOR NOW was a great experience in many aspects as we were able to learn how to organise events and work as a team. We planned with people who work in different areas of the art and creative sector by discussing our ideas for the festival and how we would make these ideas possible.


A friend and I decided to perform a dance for the festival, which we rehearsed two weeks prior to the day. Although such a short space of time, we managed to arrange rehearsal times and work together to improve each day.


On the day of the festival, our dance was a success – in fact the whole event was a success. I loved how there were different workshops around the studio that kept people entertained throughout the day and how there were a variety of performances for the audience to enjoy, including dance, movement art and singing.”

Ingrid Kapovic – YAK member



About Yak:


Young Art Kommunity (YAK) is Firstsite’s young-people peer led group which organises events and activities within the gallery and in the wider community.


This groups offers a supportive environment which can assist young people in gaining experience, confidence and learning new skills through volunteering, leading workshops, training opportunities and artistic development.

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