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‘Recovery’- Acrylic paint, charcoal, ink and fabric scraps on a mattress. 27th April 2020

Create at Home

I created this artwork in response to a challenge set by the attRAct programme at the RA – to produce a ‘poster’ artwork in response to current feelings.

With so many emotions bubbling up in this time of uncertainty, I wanted to form a bold interpretation.

The largest ‘canvas’ I had access to was my old mattress waiting to be disposed of, so I chose to construct my reflection and the artwork around this.

The form of the piece is composed of the imprint of a figure, lying in the recovery position on the mattress. This figure is surrounded by a sea of thick dollops of paint – most of these physically thrown at the piece during construction! This liberal application of paint was inspired by the ‘cherry blossom’ work of Damien Hirst, as well as a need for freedom and a means of expression.

Through using the mattress I was able to explore feelings of safety, comfort and security, and the fact that it was MY old mattress allowed me to form part of this artwork, as well as being the creator.