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A hand holding an antique small black dog toy

Tell Me The Story: Black Dog 7th April 2020


#Tellmethestory Arts Council Collection

“This is a photograph of Black Dog. I was given him when I was about 3 years old in 1943, when I saw my father for the first time. He returned from the war on leave and brought with him the most amazing crate of presents. One of the presents was an enormous rag doll, which I called Susie. Black Dog was her little dog, made of velvet with woollen ears. Susie constantly lost limbs or head and eventually passed on, but I suddenly found Black Dog in a drawer today and it brought back so many memories, especially the evening when my mother and I waited tensely for ‘Daddy’ to come back to my Grandmother’s house where we spent the war.”

Shared as part of the exhibition, ‘Tell be the story of all these things‘. The exhibition title is inspired by Rehana Zaman’s 2016 film Tell me the story of all these things (included in the exhibition), which revolves around a conversation between the artist and her two sisters as they prepare a meal. Find out more about the exhibition.