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An oil painting of a cream coloured guinea pig against a lilac background

Dan Hays: ‘Guinea Pig 2’ (1995) 2nd April 2020


#Tellmethestory Arts Council Collection Exhibitions - Behind the Scenes

“Not many artists have bothered with painting guinea pigs and perhaps they did not own or love them.

I enjoy this painting enormously because I feel that Dan Hays has a true affinity with the little creatures.

The way they are depicted in this series – life-size against a bright background, makes me really feel their presence.

They are such cheerful little animals and give comfort to children and even their parents, everywhere. Beautifully painted with real respect, they remind me of childhood.”

Words from Sonia Coode-Adams, one of the radical women who chose works from the Arts Council Collection based on the emotions, stories and memories they provoked.

As part of Firstsite’s Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme exhibition.

Image: Dan Hays, ‘Guinea Pig 2’ (1995) #tellmethestory