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The Art of Self Help… 2nd April 2020

Vilhelm Neinfreunde

Create at Home Creative projects

Respond to your natural environment and frame of mind by composing music using samples and loops you have recorded yourself.

Use your phone or by whatever to record naturally occurring sounds from your environment.

Upload these sound files into a DAW (digital audio workstation) on your computer. Chop them up to make samples/loops, mix ’em mash ’em, add effects/distort them/change the bpm? Use them to compose a song that reflects your experience of the place at the time you recorded it.

Funky or experimental avant garde or pop? Call it what you will but it will be unique! Use poetry to broaden the project and make it even more memorable. Learn to make songs digitally how to stitch your own samples together what works and what doesn’t.

In the outer Hebrides last year I recorded/created 4 albums of songs using an app on my phone plus a whole album just from sounds I recorded as I walked through the islands. A really creative, rewarding and immensely fun process and I now have a really vibrant record of my time there. It helped me deal with sensory loss and the isolation it can bring.