Why do I like being a Firstsite volunteer?

I have been volunteering since 2017 and hope to continue.

I have enjoyed many different aspects of volunteering.  Being a gallery assistant can be busy or quiet.  The quiet days have their up-side, the peacefulness of the inspiring space.  On the busy days, it is wonderful to see couples, families, groups of young people and lone individuals coming into the gallery.  Some are happy to chat whilst others want quiet to look and absorb the works and the environment.

I have enjoyed volunteering on launch evenings for new exhibitions.  You see the artists meeting  local dignitaries.  Other artists and members of the general public enjoying the revealing of new pictures and installations.  The space may have been covered up for several days and the noise of the installation staff creating something we have not been able to see.  As a volunteer, you are invited to the staff tour of new exhibitions, usually the day before the launch – when the artist gives background information on the works and how they were produced.

Ushering films is most enjoyable.  Not only do you get to see films for free, you get to know regular local film-goers and discuss the film after the showing.  You see families come in, where the children are excited to see the film and parents happy to have their children entertained.

Being part of the half-term and holiday team of volunteers is great, the youngsters are so energetic and engaged by the activities and parents are so appreciative, it is a most rewarding aspect of volunteering.

Occasionally, one-off opportunities arise like helping out with some preparations for half-term activities or installing an exhibition – which provide variety.

Working with the staff at Firstsite is pleasant and educational. All of them are knowledgeable in their areas and we volunteers learn a lot from them. They are always helpful and will answer any questions.

We volunteers are a quirky crew, to chat and find out about our fellow-volunteer backgrounds and interests is very broadening and Lorna , the Volunteer Co-ordinator, is helpful and supportive.  We are very lucky to be invited to staff parties, it is joyful to be part of the Firstsite family.

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