The model will be posing for different durations. The poses can vary from 2 minutes to 10 minutes and an hour. The quick fire rounds of drawing are called ‘gesture’ poses, and really help you to warm up and see the way the body moves.

You will be drawing the human form in various poses and levels of detail. It can range from highly detailed and anatomically proportional drawings to loose and expressive sketches which show the simple form, action and pose in a short amount of time.

What are the benefits of life drawing?

  • Develop your understanding of human anatomy. As you observe the model in different poses, you will be able to better visualise the individual bones and muscles and how they interact with each other which will help improve your drawing skills.


  • Improve your problem-solving skills! During the quick rounds of drawing, you’ll need to think very quickly, estimate proportions and angles, and not waste time on details.


  • Better your hand-eye coordination to achieve a more realistic drawing.


  • Relax and clear your head in a therapeutic environment. Life drawing is a stress-free task that requires you to be present and focused. This can be a healthy way to give your mind a break from daily worries.


Come along to experience a relaxing and informal life drawing class at Firstsite.

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