Finding a new home

a white plastic bag caught on a wire fence

To coincide with the exhibition ‘My name is not Refugee’, we are hosting filmmaker Yeşim Tonbaz’s film ‘Askıda ‘On hold’ on our Online Studio.

Follow the symbolic of the journey of a refugee as a white plastic grocery bag is blown along the street and finds a new home.

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Take your tastebuds on a trip

two women prepare Jamaican food in the S&S café kitchen

Join Simone McLean and Yasmin Carr as they cook traditional Jamaican dishes in the kitchen at S&S Caribbean Café in Colchester.

As part of our Super Black Online Festival, celebrating African and Caribbean history and culture in Britain.

Please note this video was filmed before social distancing was in place.

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Perfect for families: Go on an underwater adventure!

artists tom and iris in the art cave

Get ready for a big splash in episode 6 of our kids’ YouTube series, The Art Cave.

Make a fishing game with paper clips, a shark fin hat and a jellyfish out of plastic bags!

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See your home from a new perspective

written text that reads 'climb around your room without touching the floor. Get someone to film it.'

See your home from a new perspective! Climb around your room with artist Lucy Gunning, inspired by her video artwork ‘Climbing Around My Room’ (1993).

Find the activity on page 14 of our 2nd FREE Activity Pack.

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Feel inspired on your daily walk

line drawing of two pairs of legs

Discover artist EVEWRIGHT’s ideas for seeing the world differently whilst walking around your neighbourhood.

What objects can you find? What do your legs see as you walk? Have you ever gone out at night and seen a ‘dark moon’?

Find the activity on page 4 of our FREE Feel Good Activity Pack.

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Travel to another planet

black and white image of a planet made from craft materials

Get interplanetary with artist Zoe Beloff! Design your own space helmet, create an entirely new planet and interview extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Find the activity on page 3 of our 3rd FREE Activity Pack.

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Can you help us do more?

toddler playing in a homemade ice cream shop made from a cardboard box

With your support we can make more online activities to bring art and creativity to everyone.

Please consider a donation of whatever you can afford and help us continue to uplift people, across the UK and beyond.

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