Find out how artist @background_bob connected people from across the world

From an Instagram post to Firstsite’s latest exhibition, young artist Noah (aka @background_bob) is joined by his parents Nathan and Laura as they talk about their collaborative painting project which captured the thoughts, feelings and experiences of lockdown from lots of different people across the world.

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Hands on activities that connect with others

Send a snowdrop letter

Learn how to make a secretive snowdrop letter with artist and maker Iris Gunnarsdottir. You can follow along with the how-to video, or download a simple instruction sheet.

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Send a message of happiness with artist Gillian Wearing

Cheer someone up by creating your own sign with encouraging words. Find the activity on page 20 of our first ‘Art is where the home is’ Activity Pack.

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Leave a friendly wave in your window with artist Mark Wallinger

Greet passersby with a warm ‘hello!’ in this fun drawing activity. Find it on page 19 of our first ‘Art is where the home is’ Activity Pack.

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Explore what happened when England offered peace and safety to Flemish refugees

Online Talk: How Refugees Saved Colchester

Join David for his next online talk on Thu 19 Nov 6:30pm and explore the stories of migrants and refugees who came to Colchester in the 16th century to make a new life – contributing to the local community, culture and economy.

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Uncover Britain's Celtic tribes

For more talks on local history, watch our pre-recorded talks for free – including ‘Boudicca: The Face of a Celtic World‘. Discover the story of the Iceni queen Boudicca, and how the tribes of Britain may have come together in an uprising against the Roman Empire.

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Discover the history of Jamaican food

Colchester resident and food enthusiast Yasmin Carr presents the history of ingredients and dishes that are at the heart of Caribbean cuisine. As part of our ‘Super Black: Online Festival’ – celebrating Britain’s African and Caribbean communities and culture.

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Hear from the Firstsite Team about why we need your help

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