Cultural Traffic what is it?

16th February 2019

We ask founder Toby Mott

What is Cultural Traffic?
Cultural Traffic is a platform for creatives of zines, printed matter and art at an affordable, entry level price. It’s also a community of like-minded creatives who would rather be on the margins of society.

Highlights of previous CT’s?
John Marchant presenting unseen, rare, early work by Jamie Reid who created all the artwork for The Sex Pistols.

What are you most looking forward to on Saturday?
I am looking forward to eating at the Syrian Cafe and catching Gee Vaucher’s exhibition before it closes on the Sunday.

Why Firstsite?
Because they asked and we’re really keen to get involved with regional art institutions and spread our message away from the cosmopolitan centres of London, NY and Los Angeles.

As well as stands selling stuff, what else is going on?
There will be young, radical performers voicing their poetry and their opposition to the current crisis in global politics.

Do you collect?
Yes, I am a curator and collector. As Donald Trump would say, ‘Cultural Traffic is going to be so amazing. You guys can’t even imagine how great and how suprising it’s going to be.’

Do we need counterculture more than ever?
Yes, yes. The voice of the radical fringe now needs a platform more than ever as we face Brexit and the Trump presidency. Those voices from the shadows need to shout loud and be heard otherwise they will be crushed by the monolith of the world around us.

Cultural Traffic Featuring over 40 dealers of new, rare and collectable books, zines, prints, posters, catalogues, vinyl and tapes. 18th February 2017 12:30pm – 6pm More Details: HERE

Welcome area at Firstsite. 'Big Hello' (2018) Peter Liversidge. Photo by Jayne Lloyd.

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