Late Lounge @ Firstsite


Late Lounge @ Firstsite

Friday 04 October - Friday 06 December 2024


The LipSinkers

Late Lounge event at Firstsite, Colchester. Photograph by Jayne Lloyd.

Stitch & Bitch

Late Lounge event at Firstsite, Colchester. Photograph by Jayne Lloyd.

Jason Frederick

Late Lounge event at Firstsite, Colchester. Photograph by Jayne Lloyd.

Alice D'Lumiere at the Mad Catter's Ball. Photograph by Simon Rudkins

Join us for late cocktails and strange happenings in our late night lounge. Ambient DJ’s create a sonic backdrop to a bizarre, surreal and at times truly mystifying collection of performances.

This event is created  in partnership between Colchester Arts Centre & Firstsite, bringing together music, short performance and spoken word into a relaxed informal late night bar lounge setting.

Relax and enjoy our bar, our building and amazing music and performances throughout the evening.

There is some seating which is provided on a first come first served basis.

Please note: start times of the acts are subject to change.

This event is suitable for ages 18+.


Line Up – Fri 7 Jun

The LipSinkers

Stitch & Bitch (DJ set) 

Jason Frederick (performance) 

Alice D’Lumiere

Les Punaises 



About the artists



Celebrate diversity and music with an eccentric and well-choreographed group this June! Formed over ten years ago, The LipSinkers have been the heart and soul of London’s alternative cabaret with their wild antics, comedic lip-synching and unapologetic performances.

‘Just what is it that makes The LipSinkers so different, so appealing? It’s a hard thing to pin down but basically it comes down to high-octane queer exuberance of the first order’ Time Out ★★★★★ 

‘A mad, gorgeous, dreamlike cascade of emotions, apparitions and transformations’ The Scotsman ★★★★★ 

‘Possibly the most ridiculous, fun night out ever’ The Times

‘Bloody hell, The LipSinkers are amazing’ The Guardian

‘Camp, cult and glorious’ The Times ★★★★★ 

Click here for more information.


Stitch & Bitch (DJ set) 

Notorious local art botherers S&B Colchester regularly host textile art & craft workshops and occasionally make Spotify playlists. They’ll be bringing chill vibes and possibly doing some knitting.

Click here for more information.

Jason Frederick (performance) 

Colchester’s favourite accordion-toting Canadian invites you to name that tune. There will be prizes!


Alice D’Lumiere

Alice d’Lumiere, is an East Anglian theatre-maker, spokenword artist and performance poet, and a regular contributor to the regional Arts scene.

All of Alice’s artistic output involves an element of personal challenge; playing with preconceptions and pushing herself to learn new and unlikely performance skills; from close-up magic to aerial hoop.

Her current performance challenge, ‘Trans Lady Sings’ involves attempting to become an opera singer with no previous musical experience.

Tonight she’ll be performing a selection of poems from her show ‘Speaking Out and Fitting In!’

‘Honest, brave and glorious!’

‘Top Quality 5 star Pure intellect and talent!’

‘Funny, authentic and thought-provoking show’


Les Punaises 

Europe’s most neurotic dance company in their only UK performance so far this week. Winners of the inaugural Hokey Cokey Cup and a Food Hygiene Rating of 1 by Crawley Borough Council.


Ticket prices:

All tickets £10

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Dates and times

Friday 04 October 2024 | 8:00 pm

Friday 01 November 2024 | 8:00 pm

Friday 06 December 2024 | 8:00 pm

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