This update will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and electricity costs, make our building more visually accessible, and allow us the flexibility and precision to present our amazing exhibitions in new creative ways, lighting all artworks effectively. It will also enable us to celebrate our building’s unique architectural features in all their glory.


Our full range of products is now lovingly displayed in the new shop space, where you can also admire the stunning Berryfield Mosaic installed in a case embedded into the floor of the building, providing a glimpse of the history buried under the building.


We also have some great products online too which can be delivered directly to you – or you can also choose free pick up from Firstsite! Find out more about our online shop.

To find our shop, follow the curve of our building past our front desk and cinema, and it’s just past the first wall of the exhibition ‘@background_bob and his amazing friends…back again!’


This update to our foyer is part of our 2023-24 Capital Project, “Firstsite Shining” which aims to reduce our carbon emissions and dramatically improve the quality and accessibility of our spaces for everyone in our community. Throughout 2023-24, we will be updating the lighting systems in all major public areas of our building.  



This project will be the first in a series of projects that we will deliver to achieve net zero carbon by 2030 in accordance with the COP26 outcomes.