Four Seasons – Zhang Enli

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Four Seasons – Zhang Enli : The postsocialist art boom in 1990s China mostly passed by the painter Zhang Enli (b. Jilin Province, China, 1965; lives and works in Shanghai), but in the past few years, his oeuvre has garnered international attention.

Zhang’s more recent paintings show the beauty of nature in enlarged details: water surfaces, trees, foliage in closeup views captured on canvas that cautiously undo the division between interior and exterior spaces. Yet his pictures do not show ideal landscapes; deeply convinced that nature, too, is capable of feeling, he treats his motifs with the technique of traditional Chinese painting, applying highly diluted ink in deliberate brushstrokes. The pencil underdrawings remain visible beneath the transparent layers of color, leaving no doubt that painting is an artifact, a likeness, and not an illusion. In his Space Paintings, Zhang Enli paints directly on the walls of a room to create a nostalgic atmosphere balanced between abstract gesture and figural remaking.

With texts by Robin Marriner and Gregor Muir.


Paperback 76 pages

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