Invasion Colchester | Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope

Suggested £3 cash donation to Invasion Colchester's chosen charities

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Length: 125 min
Director: Casey Pugh

Note to parents: Please be aware there is one scene in the film containing strong language.

As part of Invasion Colchester 2018 and Firstsite’s exhibition ‘Play It Again: The art of remaking‘, Firstsite is hosting a cinema screening ‘Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope’ – a fan made remake of the original film, with scenes reimagined and reenacted by over 1500 participants.

Invasion Colchester is an annual charity event, where you can meet costumed heroes from fantasy, sci-fi and superhero from movies, TV and comic books. The event raises funds for Invasion’s chosen charities – OHOC (Colchester Hospitals Charity) and St. Helena Hospice. To find out more, visit:

FREE Star Wars themed arts and crafts activities before each screening. Cosplay and dressing up is encouraged!
Play It Again: The art of remaking‘ features ‘remade’ objects, events and films, produced by artists and the public. The exhibition showcases how history, contemporary culture and our own everyday experiences inspire repetition, remaking and reenactment in different forms.

Play It Again: The art of remaking
30 June – 9 September 2018
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