Saving Private Ryan

Special Screening for 75th Anniversary of D-Day

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Certificate: 15
Length: 166 mins
Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burn

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, we will be showing a special screening of the classic, Saving Private Ryan.

Following the Normandy Landings, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) takes his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Surrounded by the brutal realties of war, while searching for Ryan, each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their own strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor, decency and courage.

“The visual masterwork finds Spielberg atop his craft, weaving heart-pounding action and gut-wrenching emotion that will leave viewers silently shaken… If words occasionally fail the picture, the images speak indelible volumes.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece. It cements Steven Spielberg’s reputation as one of the seminal filmmakers of the era.” – Observer

“This is an important film that deconstructs war machines into separate, frightened men as it so likely was.” ★★★★★ – BBC